National Innovation Award 2020
National Innovation Award 2020

Agricultural biostimulant with the power of Bacillus subtilis

RadiseiTM is an exclusive formulation by Seipasa, designed to achieve maximum power, based on our own SEIBS23 Bacillus subtilis strain. RadiseiTM activates different soil biological processes, it unlocks essential micro and macronutrients and produces enhanced development of the root system, and favors a robust crop establishment that ensures a high-quality harvest.
Thanks to the power provided by Seipasa's own and exclusive SEIBS23 strain of Bacillus subtilis, Radisei™ acts on the plant’s root system and at the same time on biological processes in the soil. Thus, it reduces the impact of stress caused by adverse situations of temperature, salinity and water stress and, as an agricultural biostimulant, it improves the architecture of the root system and stimulates its growth.


RadiseiTM incorporates a plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPR) which improves the architecture of the root system and stimulates the growth of secondary roots and absorbent hairs.

It provides bioactive compounds with an optimal C:N ratio, together with organic acids, amino acids and vitamins.

Stress modulation by plants in situations of extreme temperatures, salinity, and water shortage.

It helps with unlocking of soil micro and macronutrients that are essential for optimal plant development, and also increases the plant's capacity to assimilate them.

The biofilm generated over the whole root establishes a powerful biological and physical barrier and a symbiotic relationship that is unique to this strain of Bacillus subtilis.

Creating a physical barrier of biofilms from exopolysaccharides and protein fibers that provide strength to the root.